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Pensioner’s cheap loan


Request your pensioner credit at CheapCash! In particular, due to the natural increase in the mortality risk and thus also the credit default risk of pensioners as borrowers, some credit institutions grant pension credits for retirees only on the condition that a loan liability exists. This residual credit or debt insurance is first and foremost a guarantee for the principal bank, as home contents insurance pays off the outstanding credit claims if the insured / lender dies before the loan transaction is repaid in full.

If you do not want to take out such insurance, which of course comes with extra costs, you may be able to offer another loan collateral as an alternative. The main possibility here is the pledging of securities or savings bank balances, with which the banks can settle the outstanding receivable in case of a “loss”.

Pensioner loan – favorable interest rates even in the age

Pensioner loan - favorable interest rates even in the age

For some young people it is very difficult to get a loan. For pensioners, the conditions are even stricter to obtain a loan. Most institutions, because of their aging, no longer lend to the elderly – unless certain conditions are met. Although retirees have a regular salary (pension), many financial institutions refuse to consider a loan application as negative.

The risk that the pensioner will die unexpectedly during the pension and the installments are not paid is simply too high. But that does not mean that retirees have no chance of getting a loan. A life insurance policy coupled with a loan significantly increases the likelihood of a positive bond. When granting a loan for pensioners, there is also the possibility that a citizen signs the loan application.

In a sense, it guarantees further processing and is liable with its capital. Even retirees, for example, bring their own property, increase the promise of this property. If something happens to the borrower, then there is a security and the banks, for example, fall back on the ownership of the borrower. With these variations, approval of the loan increases many times over.

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