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Is it possible to withdraw credit with disabled salary?

Of course, it is possible to take credit with your disability pension. Many banks organize special campaigns for our disabled citizens and provide much convenience for disabled people to take out loans. In order to withdraw credit for the disability salary , you can apply to the banks with your disability report and complete your transactions quickly. First of all, let’s take a quick look at the banks that give loans to disabled people. Following the list of banks that we will give below, you can examine the details, interest rates and the campaigns that are most suitable for you. The banks that give loans to disabled salaries are as follows;

Through the public, private and participation banks, all citizens with disability salaries can make use of loans after calculating the monthly installment amounts. Although all the banks operating in our country provide loans to disabled citizens, some banks and financial institutions offer credit products and banking services directly addressing disabled citizens. These banks show great sensitivity to disabled citizens by providing convenience in banking services as well as in terms of credit due to unhindered banking service.

How to Use 2019 Disabled Loans from Bank?

Agricultural Bank, the pioneer of state-owned banks, farmers from adding to our disabled citizens to entrepreneurs up a broad customer portfolio loan options that appeal to all of Turkey’s banks have shown once more. With this understanding, the 

  • Use of credit at an appropriate interest rate and up to 60-month maturity,
  • Benefiting from special discounts in banking transactions,
  • Individual Pension Plan, including the customer himself and his wife and their children over the age of 18,
  • Securing risks at affordable prices

Conditions for obtaining disability salary loan

Conditions for obtaining disability salary loan

In general, as with all loans, you should have a normal record in this loan. You can apply for these loans immediately with a high credit rating , as people with a completely broken record cannot use credit . Banks may request additional documents from you for this loan. Apart from your disability report, official documents such as domicile may be requested at the time of the loan application. Among the bank campaigns, finding the interest rate that suits you best and choosing the banks you have previously worked with and paying regularly will play a major role in approving the loan for the disabled salary.

How to Use 2019 Disability Loan from Good Finance?

How to Use 2019 Disability Loan from Good Finance?

As in the past, our citizens who receive disability salaries can benefit from the Good Finance disabled loan 2019 campaign. Although Good Finance partially performs banking services, it offers indirect loans to its customers through agreements with different banks. For this reason, the citizens of the disabled pensioners who will apply for credit to Good Finance;

  • Credit rating,
  • Credit register,
  • Current debt situation,
  • Credit calculation

Such intelligence work will be carried out by Good Finance and not by Good Finance contracted banks. Citizens who wish to benefit from the loan provided by Good Finance to their disabled salary can apply to Good Finance branches with their identity card and a document showing the assistance received from E-Government.

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