Bank or Online Loan – Want to borrow your (own) bank or online money?

Galfa is solution-oriented, creative and very efficient. He has a suitable solution for every issue. Are you looking for financing for a recreation home, a car, boat, caravan or the renovation of your owner-occupied home? Galfa thinks along with you. He ensures a fast and error-free settlement and payment of your loan.
“I personally guarantee that you can dispose of your money quickly and safely.”

Make clear agreements, record them in a loan agreement and never borrow more than you can pay.

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With a private loan, the temptation is to borrow just a little more. Do not do this. Make sure that you can properly bear the costs of the loan and prevent you from being left with a debt with your parents or friends.

Permanent loan or consumer credit?

The interest rate of a permanent loan is always lower than that of a revolving credit or a personal loan.


The permanent loan is a subsidized product, which we cannot compete with, despite our competitive rates. A regular loan does have other benefits.

You can borrow up to € 50,000 and you have your own money. This means that you can also partly carry out the renovation yourself. With the permanent loan you send your bills to the Housing Fund and they pay the invoices from your building credit. In addition, the work must be carried out by a recognized contractor and you cannot finance all adjustments from your building credit. Consider carefully in advance whether the permanent loan is the best option for you and view the alternatives.

Unexpected costs . Not nice and they never come true. Because how are you going to pay those costs? These unforeseen costs are often costs that must be paid quickly. If no savings are available and saving is going to take too long, applying for a loan can be a good option to cover the costs.

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